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Cloud Experts

A Microsoft Cloud Team with access to private data centers, we offer a comprehensive range of cloud solutions, while also working closely with Microsoft and Apple to provide the best cloud options in the marketplace.

Premium Cloud Solutions

From Exchange & Microsoft Teams to Sharepoint & OneDrive, the Exbabylon team has successfully migrated hundreds of organizations from on-premise or legacy hosted platforms to Microsoft 365 & Azure.

Your organization will only move to the Microsoft Cloud once, make sure you have the right team on your side!

  • Migration & Planning
  • Flexible CSP Licensing
  • Expert Support & Management
  • Managed Security

Cloud Solution Provider

Don’t settle for an Indirect CSP, Exbabylon is a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider, and that matters.

Direct From Microsoft
Microsoft Premium Support
Licensing Flexibility
Direct CSP Solutions


Microsoft 365

Exbabylon’s a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner with designations in Modern Work, Business Applications, and Infrastructure | Azure. We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes harness the power of Microsoft 365 on a daily basis.

Cloud Security and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Cloud Security and Disaster Recovery (DR) are crucial aspects of modern IT infrastructure management, especially as businesses increasingly adopt cloud computing. M365 backups ensure your recoverability of your Microsoft 365 data in case of data loss incidents

Security, Mail & Encryption

Cloud-based email services, such as Microsoft 365 are widely used for business communications due to convenience and collaboration features. Ensuring email security and encryption is essential to protect sensitive information, maintain privacy, and comply with data protection regulations

Mail Security & Encryption

Private Cloud Servers

Exbabylon is equipped to cater to specific requirements with our private cloud offerings. In addition to public cloud options, Exbabylon possesses private data centers nationwide, allowing us to provide our clients with unparalleled access to hybrid cloud solutions.

Microsoft 365

Technology is changing fast and Microsoft 365 presents new opportunities and challenges for organizations of every size.

Microsoft Office 365

Every business is unique, and the decision to implement Microsoft 365 is not always a clear-cut decision. However, for those it is a suitable choice, it offers an awesome platform with cost savings and scalability, freeing up your business and IT department to concentrate on more impactful, awesome stuff, rather than maintaining Exchange, Skype, or SharePoint infrastructure.

Low Upfront Costs

Save Money With A Partner

Free Trial & Assessment Available



Win Big Too!

Be Smart. Be Awesome. Choose Exbabylon.

Exbabylon is empowering many small businesses, both existing and new, to harness the full potential of Microsoft 365, enabling them to stay at the forefront of their industry with all the benefits and none of the risks.


Simplified Licensing


Reduced IT Costs

Say goodbye to email outages, small mailbox sizes or buying a new copy of Microsoft Office every time you purchase new computers.

Cloud Security & Disaster Recovery

Exbabylon ensures robust cloud security, safeguarding data with advanced encryption and multi-layered defenses. Our disaster recovery solutions guarantee seamless continuity, swiftly restoring operations in the face of disruptions, while adhering to industry-leading compliance standards. Your digital assets: protected and resilient.

Data Encryption

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Network Segmentation

Automated Backups

Disaster Recovery Testing

Compliance Adherence

Cloud Solutions

Exbabylon’s Private Cloud Solutions platform is an elastic-style dedicated resource virtual dedicated server platform that allows for quick server deployment, and secure off-premise private cloud, and public cloud data access.

With licensing and management fully included, Exbabylon’s unique white-glove approach to cloud servers sets our Private Cloud Solutions apart from other services. Every configuration is engineered by a dedicated Exbabylon team member and then customized to the client’s specific needs. The flexible platform has access to multiple datacenters and allows for a completely private internal LAN, VPN tunneling, and more.

Remote Desktop Services

QuickBooks, Sage & Dynamics Hosting

Database & SQL Servers

Disaster Recovery

Website & E-Commerce Platforms

Secure Application Servers


Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Exbabylon’s #cloudforward solution streamlines cloud server environments with a pragmatic approach, tailored to meet each of our client’s specific needs. From fully on-premise to private clouds, the Exbabylon Team has you covered.

Security, Mail & Encryption

Exbabylon developed an email service package that offers world-class protection, can be implemented easily into any ecosystem, requires no additional hardware or software and is accessible for small and large businesses alike.


Powered by ZixCorp Encryption

An easy to use, scalable platform that protects all of your users out of the box from junk mail, malicious phishing, and viruses. It takes the brunt of the internet for you, only passing the clean, filtered emails securely to your mail server. Because no software or hardware is installed on the customer network, implementation is as easy as changing your mail records to point to our system and you’re done.

No Upfront Fees

Low Monthly Per User Cost

Fully Managed Service

Works With All Existing Email Systems

No Software To Install

Mobile Device & Cross Platform Support

HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

Easy To Use & Manage

No User Training Required

Enterprise Grade
Communication services

Unified voice solutions around collaboration & communication

Exbabylon delivers integrated voice solutions for collaboration and communication, leveraging Microsoft Teams – Teams Voice, to ensure seamless and efficient interactions within organizations, fostering productivity and teamwork.

Trusted & loved by Clients

We Promise You Won’t Look Back!

For those who have yet to try, we invite you to experience the services of a reliable and proven single-source IT service management partner. Witness firsthand the simplicity and effectiveness of end-to-end IT management.