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IT Solutions

At Exbabylon, our philosophy revolves around a human-centric approach to technology. We view technology as a means to empower and enhance our clients’ organizations while always prioritizing the human element at the core of our solutions.

Human > Tech

Our primary focus is on using technology to cater to human needs and enhance the overall human experience. While technology is seamlessly integrated into all our operations, we firmly believe it should serve as a tool to enrich lives rather than complicating them.

Exbabylon’s driving force is the success of our clients, which begins with a thorough understanding of your business needs, values, and objectives.

Client Experience

Dedicated Client Experience Specialists

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional support tailored to your organization’s unique needs. From the initial onboarding phase to the completion of projects, our specialists manage the entire client journey. They are focused on building strong client relationships, addressing concerns, and proactively anticipating future needs to ensure a seamless and client-centric experience. Exbabylon places client satisfaction as a top priority, enabling us to earn a reputation for delivering exceptional service.

Blue Sky Sessions

Exbabylon offers blue sky sessions to understand our clients’ priorities. These creative sessions foster innovative and unconventional solutions by encouraging our clients to think without limits. The emphasis on generating a broad pool of ideas allows for addressing complex challenges and driving innovation, leading to adaptability and competitiveness. After the session, collected ideas undergo analysis and refinement to extract valuable concepts and practical solutions that fuel progress.

First Call Resolution

When you contact our office, our first priority is to connect you with a knowledgeable professional for immediate assistance. Whether it’s your dedicated Client Experience Specialist or a skilled technician from the Helpdesk, we aim for first call resolution. Our goal is to resolve your inquiry in a single interaction, ensuring higher client satisfaction and delivering a positive customer service experience.

24 Hour Support

Thanks to our partnership with New Charter Technologies, we offer a 24 Hour support line exclusively for our Managed Service clients. With dedicated human experts available round the clock, we ensure uninterrupted support and swift resolution of technical challenges. Our skilled technical support team is trained to address a wide range of IT issues, promptly escalating critical requests to specialized teams to ensure minimal disruptions to business operations.

Engineer Led Sales

We are an engineer-led sales organization with a focus on providing tailored solutions through collaborative and consultative conversations with clients. Unlike traditional sales pitches, our approach involves understanding our clients’ needs by actively listening to their challenges, developing personalized solutions, and prioritizing long-term relationships based on trust and technical expertise.

Message From CEO

Exbabylon’s company motto has always been “Imagination Is The Only Limitation”. We live and breathe that motto every day with a team that thrives on finding simple solutions to complex problems.


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